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Early European shaving blade and nail cutter.

Primitive Stone Tools Made Two Million Years Ago

The Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) is the prehistoric era distinguished by the development of the first stone tools by Homo habilis, among the earliest known species of the genus Homo, the genus to which present day humans belong.

The Paleolithic covers roughly 99% of human technological history. Homo habilis was short and had long arms compared to modern humans. Homo habilis had a cranial capacity slightly less than half of the size of modern humans. Despite the ape-like shape of their bodies, Homo habilis remains are often found accompanied by primitive stone tools.

Metal Tools Came into Widespread Use Over 5,000 Years Ago

The earliest knives were made by the flaking of rock, particularly harder rocks such as obsidian and flint. About five thousand years ago, as advances in metallurgy progressed, stone, wood, and bone blades were gradually succeeded by copper, bronze, iron, and eventually steel. The first metal (copper) knives were symmetrical double edged daggers, which copied the earlier flint daggers.

The razor and nail cutter pictured above date from the European Early Iron Age and were found during the archaeological excavation of the grave of a prince of the Hallstatt culture, the predominant Central European culture from the 8th to 6th centuries BC.

rhino knife, kirinite handle

Modern Knives Made from Many Different Materials

Modern knives may be made from many different materials such as alloy tool steels, carbon fiber, ceramics, and titanium. A relatively new and seldom used material for knife handles is kirinite, as seen in the Rhino Knife handles above.

According to
www.droppointhunter.com, "Kirinite, is a resinous material used for high-end gun grips. It is known for its indestructible qualities, for its brilliant colors, and for its amazing molecular bonding qualities. It will not slip when you grab it, its surface grabs at your fingers even though it has a very smooth surface, and even when wet. It color saturates beautifully with multiple colors which is quite unusual, and is enhanced by pearl-like and metallic undertones."

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